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Pewee Valley Lodge has resided at three different locations over the years.  From left to right, is the current Ye Olde Sweet Shop (our first location in Pewee Valley), second is The Little Colonel Playhouse (the lodge was located upstairs) and third is the current location which originally housed the first fire department in the South Oldham area. 

Prior to the year 1910 several attempts had been made to establish a Masonic Lodge in Pewee Valley but without effect.  There being several Masons living in Pewee Valley who were desirous of attending lodge meetings and finding it very inconvenient to attend the communications of the neighboring lodges, decided to have a Masonic Lodge located in Pewee Valley and to this end the following brethren:  Evan T. Hammond, Alexander S. McFarlan, John F. Harcourt, Charles A. Calvert, John W. Stine, Edgar J. Clore, C.R. Long Jr., W. W. Cox, Dr. R.B. Pryor, Isaac L. Munday and Thomas A. Hancock, after much preliminary work petitioned the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for dispensation which was granted, and on the night of January 7, 1910 the lodge was instituted and set to work under dispensation by order and under personal direction of Bro. John H. Cowles who was at that time Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.  He was assisted by several Grand Officers and other prominent Masons.

Evan T. Hammond was named as the first Master, Alex S. McFarlan first Senior Warden, John F. Harcourt first Junior Warden, Charles A. Calvert first Secretary, Isaac L. Munday first Treasurer, Wallace W. Cox first Sr. Deacon, Dr. R.B. Pryor first Jr. Deacon, and Thomas A. Hancock first Tyler.  The Lodge thus became a reality and began work under the most auspicious circumstances.

At first the lodge was named Logos which afterwards changed to Pewee Valley, thereby identifying it with the town.  The lodge began work in what was known as the McAllister building (now known as The Olde Sweet Shoppe), the upper story having been remodeled especially for the new lodge.  Later when W.N. Jurey was rebuilding his store building, a hardware store, arrangements were made with him to add another story especially for the lodge, and on completion of the building in 1912 the lodge moved to that location which is now known as the Little Colonel Playhouse.  From that location, the lodge then moved to its present day location, above the firehouse at 6413 Railroad Ave. in Crestwood, Kentucky.

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